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New York

April 16–20, 2018

San Francisco

November 13-17, 2017

Empire FinTech Week is a confluence of conferences, round-table discussions, demo days, meetups and networking events. The diverse events across the city are all intended to build partnerships, spur innovation, forecast future trends, and build on the tremendous momentum of NY FinTech. Scroll down to find featured events along with everything happening in New York during April 16th-20th.

"Progress is not inevitable. It’s up to us to create it.”
- Michael Bloomberg




April 16 | MONDAY

  • VIP Opening Reception6:30 PM @ Rise, NY | Invitation Only

April 17 | TUESDAY

  • Empire Startups Banking Roundtable9:00 AM @ Rise, NY
  • FinTech TV Summit1:00 PM @ Rise, NY
  • Where FinTech Meets EdTech Panel 6:30 PM @ Investopedia | Learn More
  • FinXTech Dinner5:30 PM | Invitation Only

April 18 | WEDNESDAY

  • Empire FinTech Conference8:30 AM @ New World Stages | Learn More
  • FinXTech Reality of RegTech8:30 AM @ Nasdaq MarketSite | Learn More

April 19 | THURSDAY

  • FinXTech Workshop9:00 AM @ TBC
  • Empire Startups FinTech Partnerships Forum8:00 AM @ Rise, NY | Learn More

April 20 | FRIDAY

  • UK Technology Showcase9:30 AM @ Rise, NY
  • Closing Reception5:00 PM @ Rise, NY